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Free yourself from the broken parts of the healthcare system by creating a whole food lifestyle.

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In Happiness Hives' Happy Bee Society you learn how to live a life of health, healing and happiness, together with a group of supportive neighbors.

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Connect with like-minded women at a private lakeside retreat, luxury sound bath or healthy living event in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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Purchase my specially formulated detox tea, the Bee.Happy.Now natural living card deck, and other recommended products.

Happiness Hives is an online membership designed to help you create an in-person community of happiness, health, connection and purpose. 


You'll learn how to...

Create A Healthy Body

I teach you how to heal your body naturally by getting back to basics. Every month I share new easy-to-prepare recipes that are nutritious and delicious. I'll even teach you how to easily grow your own organic food!

You'll learn simple ways to move your body for health and pain relief and how to use your HIVE to share resources, stay on track and have fun.

Create Your Community

Get offline and meet your neighbors! Women today face more isolation, depression and physical health problems than ever before.

Happiness Hives gives you the tools and courage you need to reach out and create a tight knit group of women who support, share and motivate each other.

Create A Healthy Mind

Learning to manage the mind is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. In Happiness Hives I lead a quick daily meditation routine to help you get your day started right. Even if you're too busy!

Find Your Purpose

Having a purpose you're passionate about can be the driving force behind taking action and living your best life.

I help you find that purpose and learn to use it to create an abundant life for yourself and to serve others for the greater good.



Create Your Hive


Hi! I’m Cyndi Rai (like a ray of Sunshine)! 

30 years ago I was a teenage single mom on welfare. After my baby suffered a reaction to antibiotics I sought a healthier, safer way to care for my kids.

I also experienced the emotional pain of divorce, arson, and the loss of my teenage son to suicide. 

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner,  certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, trained Sound Bath healer, advanced Energy Worker, founder of 7ROOTS Life and the creator of Happiness Hives.  

I've spent my life studying (and practicing) natural healing from physical and emotional health issues and now I’m ready to share the secrets of health, healing and happiness with YOU! 


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Try My 7 Detox Recipes to Transform Your Health  


These 7 recipes I developed to help you detox from years of processed foods and toxins, improve your eating habits and save money on food. 

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Attend an In-Person Event

I regularly host in-person retreats at a private modern lake home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and lead meditations, sound baths and presentations on natural health, locally and around the world.

Bring your Hive to an intimate mini retreat that includes relaxing treatments, a healthy lunch or dinner and plenty of time to connect, in-person, not on the internet!

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When I started teaching people how to make a special herbal blend detox tea, they kept asking where they could buy it ready-made. So I had it packaged by a local tea house especially for you.

Other supplements and drinks I recommend for healthy living are also available.