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To support you in your health journey, I've made some recommended natural remedies available for your convenience.

My special blend of detox tea is an important part of the 7Roots Life system for health I teach in Happiness Hives.

7Roots Life Detox 

A custom blend of 7-healing ingredients (Coriander to support your liver and kidneys, Fennel to relieve gas and boost metabolism, Licorice Root to ease digestion and boost concentration, Fenugreek for relief of lung congestion, Peppermint for nausea and diarrhea, Flax Seed to help eliminate mucous, and Cumin to regulate digestion and ease cramps). All combined in a delicious blend to drink as part of a 7-day detox, or a cup with each meal.

$45 (1 lb) or $25 (1/2 lb)

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Have you ever wanted to learn to be happier and healthier using natural methods? Cyndi Rai has taken 25 years of knowledge, education, and expertise and created an easy and fun way of learning natural solutions to everyday problems, the Bee.Happy.Now card deck. It's as easy as drawing a card daily or learn to create your own custom Bee.Happy.Now plan.

$44 Card Deck

$49 HAPPINESS HIVES STARTER PACKAGE (Card Deck + 1/4lb Detox Tea)

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