7 Benefits of Cacao: A Sacred Superfood

cacao Feb 06, 2022

We all need healing.  I have been immersed in sound healing (tuning forks, singing bowls, etc) since 2016 and incorporated sacred cacao in 2020 (the world needed a little extra love and healing). A friend introduced me to heirloom ceremonial grade cacao that she has a special connection for in Peru. This powder can be made into a sacred and healing beverage that you can use daily as part of a ritual.

I prefer thinking that healing is "magic" but cacao is actually backed with proven benefits. Here are seven benefits you get by including cacao in your diet.

1-Improved Brain Function

This is because of the flavanols that get absorbed into your bloodstream and end up helping your cognitive performance. 

2-Stress Reliever

Your body needs calcium but processed pasteurized dairy products (think non-fat milk, and sugar laden yogurt) cause more harm than good. Calcium builds more than strong bones, it is actually a natural relaxer (think natural Valium when you consume it daily). A serving of high quality raw cacao powder contains more calcium than a glass of cow's milk.

3-Disease Prevention

Being healthy is about prevention and a diet high in antioxidants means you are preventing damage to your body from free radicals (high levels of free radicals are linked to multiple diseases and cancer, plus free radicals age you faster). Blueberries (another superfood) are known for their antioxidant levels, but cacao contains 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries.

4-Lovely Skin

Cacao can help your skin because it's high antioxidant levels fight ageing and rejuvenates the skin through its anti-inflammatory properties. You can add the powder for double the benefits.

5-Warm Hands

Raw cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron, your body needs iron to make hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells that enables oxygen to be circulated throughout your body). A low iron diet could lead to fatigue, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dry skin, depression, and cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. For maximum benefit add some Vitamin C rich foods to help you absorb the iron (like acerola powder).

6-Reduced Anxiety

Raw cacao contains many essential vitamins and minerals that fight depression and reduce anxiety. One being the amino acid tryptophan (high in turkey too), which helps enhance feelings of relaxation while boosting your mood. Your body converts L-tryptophan into one of the brain's most important "happy" chemicals, serotonin.

7-Better Mood

For me the high magnesium content of cacao makes it a daily must have food. Magnesium improves brain function and mood, boosts your immune system, regulates your blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, and event helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and type 2 diabetes. So many symptoms you are dealing with could actually be the result of not enough magnesium.

Once I learned to start using food as medicine I haven't had to use a doctor for anything other than injury. You have the power to heal by the simple act of choosing what you eat. Drugs and surgery are Western medicines tools for people who don't understand the power of food.

Join me at a sound bath and cacao ceremony and experience this delicious healing beverage for yourself.

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