How to change your day with a Simple Tea Latte

tea relax happy anxious depressed Dec 16, 2022

Have you ever just felt like the world is against you and there isn't anything you can do about it? Maybe you are feeling bored, indifferent, undecisive...Did you know you can use tea to change your feelings? HOW? Because making a cup of tea is taking action and nurturing you at the same time. 

Here are 4-Steps to changing your day with a Simple Tea Latte.

1--Turn everything off (no noise) or choose instrumental relaxing background music.

2--Get out your favorite tea and tea cup or mug, along with milk of your choice, sweetener (if you feel like it), and start some water boiling. While waiting for the water to boil breath in and out deeply and slowly through your nose and try to feel your breath moving over your upper lip. Listen for the gentle sound your breathing makes. Watch the water and be present in the moment.

3--Brew your tea. Grab an inspirational book.

4--When the tea is done brewing (usually just 2-4 minutes) add a little milk and sweetener, give it a quick blend. Then sit down and read for 5-15 minutes while sipping your tea. Let the positive words from your book uplift you and change the negative story in your head to something positive.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you realize. Every thought you think is actual energy which is creating your reality. Be strong and take control of your thoughts. Create a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and watch as you create a more positive life.

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