What is a Sound Bath?

body mind spirit meditation sound bath sound bathing Feb 20, 2022

Sound bathing is growing increasingly popular. Sound baths harness the power of sound to reduce depression, anxiety and pain, as well as enhancing a sense of spirituality.

Indeed, just as the name suggests, a sound bath fills the room and envelops the listeners. It’s quite an intense experience. And, if you’re someone who finds it difficult to meditate, sound bathing may be a great way for you to settle into the practice more easily.

Sound bathing is not about melody, but about the physical vibration of sound itself. The instruments are most often played in a way that produces deep, resonating tones that overlap each other. This creates a powerful field of vibration that is felt in body, mind and spirit – much in the same way that mantras do.

 Whether you experience this kind of profound experience or not, the repetition of mantra, as well as sound bathing, encourages your mind to unwind by activating a deep relaxation response in your nervous system.

Here is the kind of simple format you can expect at a sound bath event: participants lie down on their backs on a yoga mat, with blankets and pillows available.

 The sessions are usually conducted in a similar way to a yoga class, with several other people in the room.

The therapist then begins the sound bath. They use one or more instruments to create the series of overlapping tones, from deep low tones on a large crystal bowl, for example, to high sparkling sounds like a small chime. The sound bath usually begins quietly with frequent silences and grows in complexity and layering. The instruments create sounds that resonate and sustain for long periods, until they disappear into silence.

Sound bathing can offer some people easier access to meditation. Following the sound into silence, eases your attention away from your mind, into your body and into sound – and ultimately, the silence between sounds.

If there is a guided meditation component to the session, the therapist leads you through the meditation while the sound continues.

I invite you to attend a live event and see how regular sound bathing could become part of your self-care routine. I love hosting private groups so people can connect better with those they care about, as well as clear away negative energy.

Check out the Events page to see what upcoming live event you might be able to attend!

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